Nick Rutten

About me

I've been writing code, mainly HTML, CSS and JavaScript since 2012 when I taught myself to code to have some income while traveling around the world with my partner.

After a year of traveling, when we returned to the Netherlands, I studied Communication and Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, starting in 2014. The study trains user experience designers and has high quality electives for front-end development, among others. I graduated cum laude four years later, in 2018.

In 2016 during university, I interned at CLEVER°FRANKE, which is where I still work today, now as a front-end developer in a senior role. My daily work consists mostly of client work as a member of a sprint team. In the sprint team, I'm responsible for the health of our codebase and processes around it.

With codebase health, I'm talking about things like maintainability and an application architecture that allows fellow engineers to be productive, but also client-side performance and optimizations. As for processes around it, I think it's important to foster an open environment where every sprint team member feels secure to provide feedback. Our pull request review process is tailored towards that.

I'm personally interested in optimizing websites for performances. I'm well versed in HTML and CSS as their own programming languages and if I use a JavaScript framework (we often use React or Preact) I view it as a delivery method for these things. Semantics and accessibility are important to me. You'll find no div with click handlers in my applications.